I’m not built for Winter. I just don’t like it. As I get older and my midsection gets a little more insulation you’d think I’d be more ok with cooler temperatures but no, Summer and the beach are still my happy places. Oddly I do love the idea of living or visiting somewhere like Scandinavia that does winter well. In Australia we are geared for summer with most places built to maximise cooling in summer but we don’t have the good heating systems that European countries do. We don’t need it as badly but my apartment for example, is not good in Winter. It’s difficult to keep warm.

It’s funny that some of the coldest countries in the world are the most comfortable with nudity but that could be because they are more well adapted to winter with good heating and a strong sauna culture that encourages social nudity in communal baths, saunas, steam rooms and the obligatory roll in the snow. A few years back I had a winter nudity challenge that got some submissions but not surprisingly, not a lot. Understandably a lot of men are less inclined to take nude photos in the snow. We aren’t looking at our most impressive when we’ve rolled our junk in fluffy white piles of frozen water.

We are 8 days into our official Winter here in Australia and after the warmest Autumn and warmest May on record the temperatures have dropped to more normal Sydney Winter temperatures. I’m not impressed. If only the proposed new Korean Baths had opened up, it would be a beautiful way to spend some time.