Let me preface this post by saying that I know everyone has different types and less rigid preconceived ideas than I do. An hour or so ago I got a message on one of the apps (no I haven’t deleted them) from a 24 year old. When people talk about someone being out of their league, let me say that this guy is out of my age division, league and I suspect we may even be playing different sports. He looks like an Abercrombie model he is so beautiful. He has what appears to be a solid 8 pack and for some reason he thinks this 40 year old neurotic is hot and wants to hook up.

When it comes to relationships I am sceptical about how much in common a couple can have if they are vastly different in age, but we are not talking about dating here. We are talking about naked, erect, sweaty (mostly) horizontal fun and I have no problem with hooking up with guys older or younger by a way if there is an attraction. Of course sex is where my neurosis put on their best show and it is taking every little shred of willpower not to ask this guy if he is genuine, or if he is really interested in a slightly out of shape guy 16 years his senior. I’m waging a war with my inner voices who have kept me from having horizontal fun far too often in recent years. This isn’t my gut instinct protecting me. This is a lack of confidence self perpetuating itself.

I don’t know when it is going to happen but I want it to happen before alzheimer’s kicks in and I forget how to have sex completely.

Update: I had to do the Catfish TV show style image search. I’m now even more sceptical that he’s real. I found this link. Not from Bondi at all. I found at least 3 profiles that are using these photos.