Every now and then I find myself agreeing to do things that I would prefer not to. I know a lot of the guys involved in the Sydney Stingers which is our gay waterpolo team so every now and then I help out with bits and pieces. This morning (Sunday) I had to get out of bed at 7am to do a photo shoot for the guys to help promote their upcoming trivia night. The trivia night is always a hilarious fun night that helps raise money for their operating costs. You can buy tickets to this year’s event here.

A lot of the guys I know on the team have been in it for  long time but there are a new crop of guys coming through the ranks so there were some unfamiliar faces turn up this morning. It had been predicted to be raining but thankfully the rain held off and we got some great shots. I guess it’s only rational that when you have a photo of 7 guys with six packs wearing speedos that all the guys are tagged in on facebook, that it’s going to get attention but I have never had such a response to a photo as I had when I posted some of these shots today. The photo on the far right above was the first one to be posted on facebook this afternoon and within 3 hours it had 150+ likes. Not surprising given the flesh on display I guess.

What is surprising that today was the first official day of winter here in Sydney and for a large part of the day I’ve been comfortable in a t-shirt. Crazy weather at the moment but hey, if it means I get more time photographing hot men not wearing much, I’ll take it.