Finally I’ve photographed Andrew. We’ve been trying to organise a shoot for about two years or so and today it happened. It was one of my most ambitious shoots in terms of making props. Last weekend I went scouring a local park for sticks that were a relatively uniform in thickness and that were fairly straight. Then I had to weave string and fabric through them to tie it all together to make a armour or a corset and also a mask for the model. After that I decided white clay smeared over them would look really good.

Andrew came over this morning knowing full well what to expect and he was right on board and didn’t mind that I was painting watery clay all over his body then strapping clay covered sticks over his face. I love it when models are up for the challenge and adventure. I’m so happy with these results which is a relief as I kept waking up all night thinking about the shoot. It’s a busy photography weekend for me. I’ve also photographed a pregnant friend this afternoon and tomorrow morning I’m shooting a bunch of hotties from the gay waterpolo team.