On Friday I shared the link to the article about Denmark’s nude crossfit on my facebook. It was going pretty viral by that stage with lots of my friends sending it to me and I’d seen it on a few blogs by then. Last night a friend sent me a link that supposedly exposes it as a hoax. There was always a suspicion in my mind that it could be a publicity stunt but there is still a bit of truth to it. In this article a rep for the crossfit gym makes a statement that indeed the story did start as an April Fool’s joke. Then there was so much interest that they did indeed decide to start the nude sessions but then it went viral and the media attention made them change their minds. I have no idea why that would be a problem. Such a shame if they have cancelled them. Like others have commented on my original post, I very much doubt that anything like that would start up here but it’s a cool thought.