Instagram is a fun place to spend some time and if you follow the right people or search the right hashtags then you can see some fun stuff. Some people seem to get away with quite a lot of flesh on display. One hashtag that I have seen pop up from time to time is “Naking”. A search for the meaning of naking came up with an urban dictionary definition that means baking in the nude. Not right for the photos I was seeing. All the people posting naking photos seemed to be in Scandinavia so once again, my Danish reader proved to be a real insight to the trend. The term Naking isn’t actually a real word in any of the Scandinavian languages but it’s similar to the word for naked. My reader said that it was a way around the banned hashtags that don’t come up when you search for things like nude or naked.

The trend started in Norway but quickly spread through the other Scandinavian countries and typically involves getting nude in beautiful locations in nature and taking a photo. Seems like a grand idea to me. That sort of thing should be encouraged. A lot of the photos you see are in snowy areas and while getting nude in the snow doesn’t seem to make much sense, the idea always appealed to me. If you are looking the tags to look for are #naking #nakingfornorway and #nakingupnorth. Enjoy.