Just days after my post about crossfit accompanied by a photo of a guy with no pants on holding a huge barbell above his head, one of my Danish friends and readers sent me a link yesterday. Apparently there is a crossfit gym in Denmark that is running a weekly nude session on a Sunday morning. I love it. So far they’ve had 12 guys sign up for the nude sessions. Steffen Andersen is the owner of the gym and creator of the nude session and his reasoning was that most people don’t wear a lot for crossfit anyway because of the restriction and heat so why not get rid of everything but the shoes? I love it.

My Danish friend says that it’s not in Copenhagen but at the other end of the country but there are reports that it may be trialled in Copenhagen soon. Let’s hope this spreads around the world. Not sure it will but we can hope right? There is a chance that this is all just a very clever marketing stunt as well and that the nude sessions aren’t real which would be a shame.