Living in Australia, despite a very multicultural community with immigrants from all over the world, as a photographer looking for a black model, there aren’t a lot of options. There isn’t a huge amount of work for black models here in Sydney as most companies choose models that best represent their clientele and since most of Sydney is white, Asian or European, the black models don’t tend to get a lot of work. It’s a shame. Being at the level of photography that I am, I want to create beautiful work but it’s still a hobby that doesn’t make me any money so going to agencies isn’t an option for me.

Miguel was a great guy to work with for my first exhibition (image on the far right) but he wasn’t entirely comfortable doing nudes even though he’d volunteered and I have a very specific shot and look in mind. I don’t want to just use a model that is black just because they are the only option. The hunt will continue. The good thing about this tribal series is that I don’t have a deadline so I’m in no rush and I can afford to take my time.