Thank goodness for people like Joe Manganiello. After making his appearance in the (very mediocre) movie Magic Mike, he decided to make a documentary about La Bare. La Bare is allegedly one of the most famous male revue clubs and it is in Dallas Texas. Here’s hoping a male strip club in Dallas lives up to the legend that everything is bigger in Texas. I don’t know how much Joe actually had to do with this documentary but according to the rating at the start of this trailer it has brief but graphic nudity. Sounds like a good show to me.

I genuinely can’t work out where I stand on strippers. I love watching them but usually feel let down by them. Sure I want them to get completely nude and wave their junk around and in Sydney, that almost never happens. I know a few guys that have stripped and it’s very rare for any to go frontal but that is more about the licensing laws here in Sydney. Most strip shows feel pretty tacky and, well, oily. A mate of mine that I’ve photographed several times is a stripper and I happened to see one of his shows about a year ago. The women were terrifying. It was like they’d never seen a man in their life.

Looking at these guys in this trailer, they clearly work damn hard on their bodies and hopefully put on a good show. It doesn’t say when it’s out though…

LA BARE RED BAND TRAILER from Main Street Films on Vimeo.