If you spend any time looking at photography online, especially of the male nude as I do then you might have come across some of the work  of McKenzie James and his Naked Sunday Project. McKenzie does a lot of beautiful commercial photography, based in his native Canada and started the Naked Sunday Project as a way to rediscover the simple beauty of a figure bathed in beautiful light. Most of his models for this project are men as it’s easier to pull a shoot together without having to worry about hair and makeup artists.

Yes there are a lot of models and very beautiful men in this project but McKenzie also shoots some quite unconventionally beautiful people and it’s making for a very rich collection of images. Nearly everyone is nude as the project name suggests but not all and not everyone goes frontal. His use of natural light is absolutely beautiful and it seems to be the primary focus of this series. McKenzie is selling prints of his work to save up for a much needed new camera. The prints are very reasonably priced and limited to editions of 12. I keep coming back to the page trying to work out which shot I might buy. I’m terribly indecisive but hopefully I’ll make a choice soon.