On Sunday afternoon I finally got to photograph a couple of guys that have been in Sydney for months, just squeezing in a shoot before they leave town again. They are two dancers that a Brisbane photographer, Joel Devereux had photographed beautifully and told me they were coming to town. We’d had to postpone the shoot by a week but on Sunday it happened. It was all a little unprepared on my behalf for which I’m annoyed at myself. As a result the shots of Jamie with the gold paint and the turquoise splattering, aren’t quite as successful in terms of the tribal series I’m working on but as stand alone images, I’m really happy.

The two guys are a great laugh to hang around with and work with. They are natural performers and avid nude beach goers so it was a very relaxed set. A lot of models, while comfortable posing nude aren’t used to being nude in front of people. These two were laughing and carrying on and brought a really good vibe to the shoot. My left hand is still stained with the bodypaint that I used to put the hand prints all over Nick. These are the sacrifices I have to make I guess.