A girlfriend of mine is very into her fitness and her partner is competing in Crossfit this weekend. They have a lot of friends who are right into crossfit almost to the point of obsession which is one of the reasons I baulk at giving it a go. The other reason is the price. Crossfit gyms charge at least per week what I pay per month at my current gym. My workout routine with my training partner has gone a bit stale at the moment and we don’t really push ourselves very much.

Crossfit is a style of exercise that would nearly kill me at the start but I am fairly confident my body would respond really well to and it would be great strength and explosive fitness that would help a lot with my circus strength. I just don’t want to become one of those obsessed guys that only talks about crossfit or has nothing else in life. People do tend to get that wrapped up in it. Probably because it does amazing things for their bodies but in a usable way, not just a body that can lift heavy things up and down.

Strangely, while I don’t know anyone in the photos above, two of them are friends of friends. The girlfriend I was talking about knows the guy on the right. He’s a straight guy that has done some modelling. He and his crossfit mates are always taking stupid nude photos for instagram. I sent her the shot on the right saying “If this is what crossfit is like, I’m in” and she replied that it was her mate. In the other photo is a guy that another girlfriend knows. He was struggling with his sexuality a couple of years ago but has apparently come to terms with it if that photo is anything to go by.