A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll asking those of you that go to the gym who don’t get nude comfortably in the locker room, why not? There were a few options on the answer trying to cover most of the reasons I thought would be most common. It’s actually no surprise to me that the vast majority of you that are reluctant to be nude in the locker room feel that way because of your own insecurities. It turns out modesty or prudishness only made up 12% of the votes. A fear of being photographed counted for 3% of the responses. Are people really that worried? I was surprised that it was a legitimate concern for people. Not to diminish their concern but how often are people actually sneaking photos? It does happen I know but I’d say it’s pretty rare.

A fear of getting aroused in the locker room counted for 21% of the votes. I’m making a wild assumption that those respondents skewed towards the younger end of the voting spectrum. Let’s face it, as we get older not all of us are lucky enough to respond physically so spontaneously as we did in our youth.

By far the majority of you who are shy about getting changed are shy because of self consciousness issues with 37% of you being shy because you aren’t confident about your body and 26% don’t think their cock is big enough to let it hang out when you get changed. That to me is the scariest and saddest part of these results. I am all far too familiar with feeling self conscious about my body and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a grower not a shower so, especially after exercise I’m hardly the most impressive of specimens when I strip off. It’s statistics like these that make me want to enforce communal open showers and more nudity. Back in the days of our grandfathers and fathers, when people didn’t go to the gym for vanity and communal bathing was normal and not sexualised we all had a much healthier perspective on our own body image and penis size. A very small percentage of the world is hung like a donkey and looks like a fitness model. Does it matter? No.