Everyone takes selfies from time to time. It’s natural to want to record an experience or a moment. When I as travelling through Europe I did most of my traveling alone and wish that iPhones had been around then. There are barely any photos of me on my own holidays. It seems however that some people have gone way too far with the selfie obsession. There was a report out of the UK earlier this year of a young man skipping school and spending up to 10 hours a day perfecting his selfies. Really? He actually ended up nearly suicidal because he didn’t think he was good looking enough.

Social media has actually made people’s insecurities worse in my opinion. There are so many people spending a lot more time hoping for likes, comments and approval from virtual or actual strangers online rather than creating amazing memories with real friends. It’s far too common nowadays to see a table full of friends at a cafe all sitting on their smart phones interacting with anyone but the people they are with.

There is a guy in Sydney that I am “friends” with on facebook but I’ve never met. It’s pretty fair to say that I don’t think I’ve seen any other photos on his profile than selfies. He actually even invited me to like his new page on facebook which was his own “fanpage” devoted entirely to his selfies. Seriously? Get out of the bathroom mirror and go meet real people. How desperate for approval are we? I’m a sucker for a hot guy. We all know that, and I’ve been guilty of following them on instagram for their hot pics but it’s very worrying if someone only ever posts photos of themselves. Does their whole life revolve around them? It’s no wonder no one talks to their neighbours these days, they are too busy giving duck face in the mirror.