When Michael Sam came out earlier this year he was looking likely to be the first openly gay player in the NFL and now that has become official. The St Louis Rams drafted Sam in the 7th round of the draft which is late from my understanding but he’s in. No one is being bold enough to say his coming out had anything to do with his being drafted late but I’d guess it was an influencing factor. This very sweet video is when he was told on the phone that he’d been drafted. It almost looks like he’s being told that he’s missed out, such is the emotion in the room and the tears. It’s very sweet that his boyfriend is stroking his arm while Sam, much bigger and a bit tough footballer is curling up into his chest.

Now let’s hope the outpouring of support outweighs the twitter trolls and racist/homophobic morons that are bound to uleash on twitter, especially after Sam kisses his boyfriend after the good news live on TV.