The new season of The Voice Australia has just had it’s first few episodes of Blind Auditions this week and it’s the best season so far in my opinion. Seal has gone and Delta Goodrem has gone from the judging panel to be replaced with The Voice UK colleagues Kylie Minogue and Will.I.Am joining Ricky Martin and Joel Madden. The energy between the four of them is fantastic and I didn’t realise how funny Will.I.Am is. When Black Eyed Peas were really big I thought with all the sunglasses and edgy posturing of the group that Will might be a bit arrogant but after seeing him in a couple of interviews and a documentary about him I think he’s fantastic. Not only does he not take himself too seriously, but he also does a lot of good charity work and has a huge heart.

So if, by some miracle I had a good singing voice and went on the show, who would I choose if all four judges turned their chairs?

Naturally my automatic response would be Kylie. I’d be giggling like a crazed school girl and going a bit mental. Putting my complete fandom aside for a moment and looking at it subjectively, all four judges have had very successful careers but if you were serious about achieving success in the music industry you’d be pretty mad not to go with Will.I.Am. He has a ridiculous success rate in music production, song writing and performing. He’d also be a lot of fun to hang out with and work with.

Kylie would work on the kind of music I like and it would be an absolute dream to work with her. We could also sit around in our pajamas at sleep overs and have pillow fights and talk about boys all night.

Ricky would be fun but let’s face it, his major draw card is his sex appeal. I don’t think I’d get any music happening but he could whisper soft sexy things in my ear all day and night will working magic with his hips and his lips.

I doubt very much that I’d have anything in common with Joel. I don’t rock and I don’t roll but he looks like fun and he’d be the one to go to if you needed to get high. Doesn’t he?