A week ago I posted about opening up my relationship. Either I don’t write very well or some of you just missed the joke. I don’t have a relationship. The whole post was sarcastic. I was writing about being in a sexual relationship seemingly exclusively with my right hand and that I was bored with just masturbating. It was all about actually having other people involved in my orgasms.

Today I found a comment had gone through to my spam folder so I missed it but the commenter was quite enthusiastic in offering their opinion of my mental state and the hypocrisy of opening up a relationship. Maybe he didn’t read all the way to the end but if I was in a real relationship and I decided to open it up then yes, I would be a hypocrite but I’m not. Even if I was in that situation, I’ve always admitted that I’ve never been in a long term relationship so I don’t know what the realities of making monogamy or polygamy work are but I still don’t believe an open relationship is for me.

Please guys, if you are going to challenge me in comments you are free to do that but I appreciate it more if you leave a genuine email for me to respond to so we can chat openly about it.