There’s a new word in town and it’s one that surprises me. A Bro-job is that blow job between mates, usually drunk, when they are both horny but there’s no women around to help out. Urban Dictionary defines it as: Oral sex between two allegedly heterosexual male friends, particular when said friends are wasted.

Now I’m a bit sceptical that this is a real thing that happens but it must happen at least occasionally for it to make an appearance in Urban Dictionary. If it does happen my god there would be a lot of post bro job hangovers the next morning and a lot of mates not looking each other in the eye. I’m sure there are some bi-curious or closeted guys who are indulging and pretending to regret it the next morning while secretly loving the fact that they took one for the team and helped a bro out.

It’s a horny idea for all the gay men that love seducing straight boys but I reckon a horny “straight” guy would rather a “straight” mate help out than the nearest gay men. I could be wrong. Of course when I was looking for images to go with this post, there was only the one search that needed to be done. Fratpad. That magical house where bro jobs can and do happen.