When one is looking to settle down and find a suitable partner to spend your life with, It’s important not to clutter your life up with doing too many fun things or to have too many hobbies. It’s important to keep your social calendar free.

If you are out leading an interesting life, even a fun life, then how on earth is Prince Charming going to believe that you have time for him amongst your busy schedule? If you seem too busy or interesting there is no way that Prince Charming will be able to envisage himself coming into your life and filling it with the amazing riches of love and fun if he perceives your life to be too full of your own fun. It is much more important to quietly sit at home watching the Real Housewives and thinking yourself lucky that you don’t have all that money or drama to keep Prince Charming at bay. By waiting patiently on your couch he will know that you are ready and have time to bond with him over HIS interesting hobbies.

It is the same if you go out to meet a potential Prince Charming. Feigning casual disinterest in anything will let him know that you have no passions of your own again, leaving him free to become your all consuming passion because we all know that once you’ve met your Prince Charming, it is then time to suffocate him with your love and then try to fix him because no man is perfect, no matter how charming.