Several years ago a bunch of friends and I went away for a weekend and we stayed at one of the guys’ parent’s house while they were away. They are pretty aware of what a cheeky nudie their son is so probably expect something went on in their house and it did. We played strip pool. A lot of people have played strip poker at some stage in their life and it’s a lot of fun, especially when you are rubbish at poker like my friends and I. Both strip pool and strip poker ended up with clothes coming off pretty rapidly.

I came across these photos on tumblr and wondered is nude gaming now a thing or is it a strip game penalty scenario? Either way it looks like a fun way to while away the hours. Hanging nude with mates is always fun and a strip game (probably with alcohol) is great for initiating those new to nudity. One of my mates that is usually the host for our nude drinks nights and I have chatted often about games we might play to gently ease the curious nude newbies out of their clothes. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have.