There was much written about Lindsay Lohan’s most recent movie role in The Canyons. It was supposed to be her big comeback in the low budget but edgy film. Sadly more of the press was about her complete unprofessional behaviour on set. One of the people that came out of the film with a good reputation was straight porn actor James Deen. It’s not hard to find very horny footage of James in action all over the internet using his massive beautiful cock to pound away at female co-stars.

For me though one of the sexiest sights is a nude man just walking around. Maybe it’s because we’ve all become so desensitised to porn and hardcore action all over the net and we never see guys in the locker room or elsewhere just being comfortable nude, but to me that comfort is very sexy. I’d seen a photo from this clip online but now I’ve seen the footage and it is exactly what I mean. Sure, the three characters are walking nude up the stairs to meet up with Lindsay who is waiting prudishly in the dark on the bed for a foursome to happen. I’m grateful though that we didn’t have to see her walking around nude. She makes my skin crawl. Sadly you don’t really see the other guy in the clip.

James Deen Full Frontal in The Canyons (2013) by Kaspervon