In a time where Big Brother is becoming increasingly irrelevant and the contestants on the show are completely self-obsessed bigots chasing their 15MB of fame, it’s refreshing when someone does something remotely interesting. Of course on the gay blogs of late, Kenny Brain has been serving up the goofy hotness. For one challenge Kenny poured oil all over himself in some tighty whities in the back yard and gyrated around showing off his mighty package. Now we are getting to see what was wrapped up in that package.

Kenny is a gay man and like a lot of gay men, and straight, he’s taken nude selfies and now they’ve hit the internet. Amen. There are rumours that the small tattoo above Kenny’s groin means “Big” and while I’m in no position to confirm the accuracy of the symbol, we can all now confirm that Kenny is indeed pretty big. Thank goodness for Kenny for coming along and brightening up the Big Brother house.

We are approaching that time of year when we here in Australia will be subjected to another series of Big Brother with dwindling ratings, nothing interesting happening and no adults only up late show giving us a perve at the goods in the shower. Oh well.

PS. Don’t forget to click the image to see it full size. You’ll appreciate it.