Sorry for the delay in posting but I left straight from work on Thursday evening to go away for Easter with my family and another family as usual. After a really busy week at work last week and sitting in a horrendous traffic jam on the way up north it was great to unwind and have lots of laughs with my family and family friends for four nights. These people have known me since I was born and the kids I’ve known since they were born so there is no pretence with them. It’s all very comfortable.

For my niece and nephew’s birthday’s I’ve decided that they have enough toys and “things” to last a life time so I’m taking them for experiences where it’s just them and me. For this year’s birthday I promised my nephew a surfing lesson for both of us. I surfed years ago as a teenager but as you can imagine, I was very rusty. The conditions weren’t great but as it was my nephew’s first ever time we were just in the whitewater anyway. I was worried he might not enjoy it if he couldn’t stand up but he had a fantastic time and we both stood up and rode the waves. He even managed to stand on his first go.