The German city of Munich has legalised public nudity. After nude sunbathing laws expired in Bavaria last year Munich decided to create six urban naked zones where anyone can strip off. The article I was sent says that public nudity has been legalised but I can’t tell if it’s just in these new areas or everywhere. The areas aren’t screened off or hidden away. In typical German fashion they are just designated areas in city parkland.

Berlin’s Tiergarten was half frozen over when I visited in December 2002 and any weather where the lakes freeze enough to walk and skate on means there wasn’t any naked people but in summer there would have been. Europe as we know has a reputation for being quite comfortable with nudity but Germans lead the charge with their reputation. I love their direct approach to the body and nudity. It is exactly what it is. A body. Big deal.

Congratulations Munich. If any readers are based in Munich, I look forward to hearing your reports on the new nude areas in the city!