Growing up, I would say that the vast majority of the ice cream that I was served was Vanilla. I was all for experimenting with different flavours but let’s face it, in a Napolitana tub of ice cream the strawberry was usually left behind and a lot of the time you go back to what you know. My sexual tastes are a bit vanilla as well but different flavours are what really satisfy you in those moments that you need something different.

Last week a reader and I were having an email discussion about sexual tastes and he brought up the fact that most of the guys on this blog are fairly typical white guys. Quite possibly. That’s what I grew up around so my sexual awakening was surrounded by swimmers and surfers in a largely white part of the world. It’s also what is predominant on tumblr where I find a lot of my imagery these days. Just like ice cream, my tastes in men have evolved over the years and I’m quite partial to trying new flavours. Chocolate ice cream is now firmly near the top of my list whereas caramel hasn’t really been explored as much. I’m quite partial to a nice scoop of mocha too from time to time.

Jose Miguel Garces is a particular scoop of ice cream that I could savour for hours. I have no idea what nationality Jose is but with his looks and his name the closest I’ll guess is somewhere of Latin origin. LOOK at that gorgeous skin, the bedroom eyes and the lips that I want to savour my vanilla goodness.