I just came across this video about male genital massage which I’m sure is supposed to be sensual and educational. It has some elements of both but for me was mostly comedy. For starters, in this kind of video why do the people doing the voice over always insist on trying to do sexy talk? It doesn’t work. Sure, you don’t want the whole thing to be clinical and dull but speaking like a phone sex worker just doesn’t seem to work either.

The techniques they show look like they’d actually be a lot of fun to try with someone and maybe I’ll try and find someone to give them a go with but I don’t know that I’ll play this video to them as it might just kill the mood. Sensual mutual touch can be an incredibly erotic experience and it’s something I really enjoy but I’ve never quite felt the need to bang a drum and pound my fists into a massage table at the end of it all. Watch the video here.