Over the years of writing this blog I’ve realised that there are a lot of exhibitionists out there. From way back in the early days when I ran the public nudity challenge and had a lot more submissions than I ever expected, to more recently hearing from friends that love to be the centre of attention and the only one nude in a room. For me, my nudity is usually not an exhibitionist thing. It has been but not often.

One friend and fellow blogger I know puts on shows on Cam4 that are pretty hardcore. I’ve never seen one but they sound very hot. Other exhibitionists aren’t as blatantly sexual about it, loving being nude where they shouldn’t be like strolling through the city to be seen. Another friend here in Sydney likes the challenge of sneaking through parts of the city in the middle of the night nude, seeing how far he can go. The thrill for him isn’t being seen but the danger of being seen. His streaking is a very sexual experience and a real turn on.

I’ve dabbled in exhibitionism, going for a bit of a nude walk here and there late at night and a streak with my friend. I get too scared of being caught but there is a thrill in being nude in a calculated-risk kind of way. It’s a very fine line in that public nudity realm between a bit of cheeky nudity and being incredibly offensive if the wrong person is subjected to it, which is why I get nervous.

Human sexuality, fetishes and the whole spectrum of what people are into fascinates me, whether I’m into it or not. For those of you who like to show off, why? What is it that does it for you?