It’s always a surprise but a pleasant one when a company gets a bit bold and uses nudity in its advertising. Obviously a lot of it won’t be shown on television apart from in Europe but the fact that companies make these ads, usually with a sense of humour, makes me smile. A reader sent me to this first video last week and I had seen it on vimeo but never watched it. It is billed as a short film but given the only piece of clothing in the film is a pair of jeans and you do get to see the label, then I’m assuming it’s an ad for the jeans. Next up is a cosmetics company, Elave who clearly have nothing to hide. Last but not least is a cheeky Nike “Free Running” commercial with athlete Nick Symmonds getting his gear off to go for a run. Love it.

This post is full of video nudity to make up for last night’s boxing nude guy video being removed. Sorry about that.

Studies on Hysteria from Felix Ruple on Vimeo.

Anunci: “Nothing to hide” (res a amagar) from NUCAT: nudisme a Catalunya on Vimeo.

Nike Bear Butte Running Camp – Nick Symmonds from Manny Bernardez on Vimeo.