Chatting to a friend who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark tonight he was telling me about a fuck buddy that he and his boyfriend have. It’s a good friend of theirs that regularly stays over and has wild sex but there are also times when he just comes over to snuggle up nude in bed with them and watch movies and no sex happens. Just how do you audition a fuck buddy and/or cuddle buddy? I could do with one of either or someone that does both.

A fuck buddy that I can take the time to get to know what works for them and them for me would be so good for me right now. I very rarely have sex because most casual sex leaves me a bit cold and I’d rather have a regular than a parade of mediocrity one after the other but I realise sometimes it takes kissing a few frogs to find the one Prince.

A cuddle buddy is a bit trickier. Having someone to come over to hang out and curl up on the lounge together for a dvd would be wonderful. Cuddling is one of the things I miss the most about having a boyfriend. A friend told me once that I give a really good hug and I’d like to expand that to a long cuddle session, possibly sleep over spooning. It seems only logical that if I’m comfortable spooning in bed with someone then the forking has probably already happened and if it doesn’t it will pretty shortly after.

So… how do I find this cuddle buddy / fuck buddy?