When I posted recently about a nasty incident that happened in a group sex event a reader commented that they didn’t think that was my kind of thing. Generally speaking casual sex isn’t my thing but like anyone I have moods that change and if I’m in the mood I can be tempted by lots of things. This event was actually a nude drinks night that got too drunk too early and people got a bit crazy. That doesn’t always happen at the nude events. It depends on the combination of the people there and the general mood. For example if there was a couple there that are monogamous, then the crowd would probably be much more restrained.

Some of my best fantasies are about group sex, but like a lot of fantasies they will probably stay exactly that and that’s probably a good thing. How often does reality live up to a fantasy anyway? I’m a creature of habit and I tend to get in routines. I have a bunch of restaurants or cafes that I eat from quite regularly but every now and then a meal for two doesn’t quite cut it and you want to run rampant in a buffet stuffing all sorts of things in your mouth don’t you?

Sadly, at the moment my love life is like a steady diet of frozen meals for one. That really needs to change.