This is the first post in what may or may not become a semi-regular thing around here. Famous (or more well known) Brentons.

Brenton Thwaites is a young Australian actor who seems to be following in the footsteps of Isla Fisher and Chris Hemsworth from soapie Home and Away to Hollywood. He was born in Cairns in Far North Queensland in 1989. He has been in a couple of tv series and also starred in the tv remake of Blue Lagoon: The Awakening which I haven’t seen but I’m pretty sure didn’t have the nudity that the original did. I wonder if I can blame Christopher Atkins for part of me being gay?

Brenton’s big break has come in the form of a role in Malificent, alongside Angelina Jolie. He’s not the beefcake hearthrob of Chris Hemsworth but he’s pretty easy on the eye. Maybe he’s more of a Queensland version of Zac Efron?