This weekend’s trip out of the city to wander around nude in the bush and relax was exactly what the doctor ordered. As usual though for River Island and especially this time of year the clientele is older and definitely fits the more cliched nudist image. Yes, that means that they are pretty much almost retirement age and quite overweight. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a couple of guys I know with naturally beautiful athletic bodies who hated their body. Now one of them is quite comfortable nude but still hates his body so at least he’s not letting it stop him from doing things.

How is it that all these overweight mature people are so comfortable nude, as they rightly should be, when people that devote hours to the gym, healthy eating, cardio and their bodies are too shy to relax nude? Shouldn’t the fit athletic ones be the ones with less body image issues? It doesn’t seem to be the case. A theory that I’ve floated before on the blog is that the hotter you are the more pressure there is to live up to it and be hot. With age and experience comes wisdom. I think as we get older and even if our midsections do expand a bit, or in some cases a lot, there is a realisation that looking a certain way really isn’t all that important and the focus shifts to other more important things.

Having said all that, it would certainly be nice for a bunch of young hot athletic guys (and girls) to be seen enjoying the beautiful freedom that comes with social nudity. Something hot to admire never goes astray.