Film maker, photographer and all round great guy, Mikey Trotter is working on a project aimed at reducing the stigma faced by those living with HIV. The screen shot above is not something I’ve had to deal with but is a very common situation for someone with HIV. A close friend who was diagnosed last year told me that the rejection is the part of being diagnosed that he struggles with the most.

If you read Mikey’s post he refers to a study undertaken recently on nearly three hundred couples where one is positive and the other is negative and the HIV+ partner is on medication, reducing their viral load to undetectable levels. Over a one year period not one of the negative partners, even through unsafe sex practices contracted HIV.  Medication works when it’s taken properly and there is no need to fear those people who are positive. Mikey is looking for people to take part in a documentary about HIV and the stigma faced by those with it.

No one is advocating having unsafe sex and taking unnecessary risks. My position on sex with HIV+ men has evolved over the last few years as my own education on the subject has grown. I used to be terrified of the idea, now I’m not. “Bug chasers” and “Gift givers” make me absolutely furious. Why glamorise a disease that can still kill if untreated and has killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions? But there is no reason to demonise people with HIV or exclude them as a potential partner.

If you fit the criteria that Mikey is looking for then I suggest you get in touch. Mikey’s work is fantastic and I know the documentary will be educational for everyone.