Only in the past 6-12 months have I had my first experience of someone crossing boundaries about what I wanted them to do sexually and not listening when I said stop. Thankfully I was strong enough to physically stop the guy that was doing it and it didn’t go beyond anything I could handle. It was also in a group sex situation and the other people there were looking out for me. Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t so lucky. Sexual assault and rape are far more common than I ever realised and way more common than they should be.

I for one really enjoy sex when the person I’m having sex wants to be doing what we are doing as much as I do. There has never been any appeal in a one sided sexual encounter for me. Sure, there are times when you want the other person to do all the work or you end up making more effort than your sex partner but for me, if they aren’t interested nor am I. It scares me how many guys don’t seem to care if their partner is enjoying themselves or not.

This guy is a video blogger and clearly, from his accent, he’s British. This is a really simple and effective message about consent.