There is a junior at my work that has just been getting away with being lazy and incompetent for too long. He doesn’t learn from mistakes, he just repeats them again and again. I work in graphic design which is a deadline driven industry and this guy has no sense of urgency at all. He routinely goes over allocated times on jobs and as a junior he was brought in to do the tasks that, as a senior designer, I have done and shouldn’t really have to do any more. I have no problem with mucking in and doing things to help the team out at all but when I’m still doing all the menial tasks because junior can’t get even the most simple things done correctly or on time, it pisses me off and takes time away from doing the other bigger, more important jobs that I should be doing.

Thankfully we have a very aware art director who has been taking note of how often junior gets things wrong, how much time he wastes and what a liability he is. The art director also has strong influence with the boss. The tides are turning and it feels like junior doesn’t have long to go with the company. I’m not sure when or how they’ll do it but as much as I like junior as a person, I can’t wait.