Traditional PR is dying. Anyone who has any media savvy knows that social media is where it’s at these days. Twitter can bring down a career in under 140 characters. We all know that getting the right bloggers on board with your product or your movie is crucial. Entire movies have been sunk on a bad social media rumour before it’s even finished being made these days.

Keeping that in mind, there is a new kid on the PR Block. Platform Me is a the worlds first, fully integrated social media platform PR agency. It’s a digital platform where people around the world can gather and will be given the opportunity to share their own personal take on the world as consumers. I’ll be signing up and very much looking forward to seeing what opportunities come my way.

What does the gorgeous Daniel Garofoli have to do with this? Well, as a stunning man who has built his international modeling success on social media as much as his looks and hard work, Daniel is on the books of the agency too. Can’t hurt to have a stunner like that around can it? God knows he’s on my photography wish list.