Mike is back!

There are downsides to doing photography. One of them is getting up early to get good light to shoot in. That was completely offset and more on Saturday morning when I got to collaborate with the lovely Mike again for some more shots. Can you believe he nearly postponed the shoot because he wasn’t feeling in shape? I’d kill to be in that shape. Mike is a total sweetheart and a lot of fun to shoot. He takes direction really well and doesn’t complain when I ask him to get wet.

The two shoots with Mike have been for his own use. The fact that he came back for a second shoot suggests that he was happy with the first shoot. We’ve discussed as a bit of a trade for doing these shoots that he will pose for me for on of my art shoots. He’s always up for a challenge so I now have to figure out what paint/prop combination I’ll throw at him!

6 Responses to “Mike is back!”

  1. 1 DamienOz

    Good grief what a handsome man

  2. 2 Colin

    He is in great shape. Awesome pics Brenton.

  3. 3 John

    Great looking guy. Love his videos.

  4. 4 drew

    that is a lot of very verity hard work on that body!

  5. 5 jackie

    Great shots Brenton. Obelisk by the look. Divine.

  6. 6 Ken

    His video here, what an amazing guy


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