The other morning I was driving to work and the news came on the radio. Now I don’t listen to high brow radio. I listen to a station that plays top 40 kind of pop music so the news items aren’t exactly hard hitting. One story they reported was about a study on the number of sexual partners someone should have. Nothing about the average but telling people that they should only need 5 sexual partners to know what they want in a life-partner.

Sure, I probably did know what I wanted from a partner after 5 sexual partners. I want someone that makes me tingle, makes me feel safe, turns me on and makes mad passionate sweaty love to me. Does that mean I can now easily stop someone in the street and make them my partner for life? No. I know guys that routinely have 5 guys in a night, let alone in their lifetime. Who is doing these studies?

Just because I know what I want to eat from a sushi train after it’s gone around once doesn’t mean that I’m not going to look for something else if I’m still hungry? I haven’t been lucky enough for Prince Charming to turn up yet and he may never turn up. Should I stop having sex because I’ve had (way more than) five sexual partners? Um, no. What about those people that aren’t a one-meal-for-life kind of eater? If someone finds Mr Right but wants to eat from tbe smorgasbord of sexual partners as well, should we tell him he’s not allowed?