There’s a new brand on the block and it’s a little edgy, a little subversive but not so much you can’t wear it out. Inspired by music, art and media James and Markian are Huntley Homme and they have come up with a range of T-shirts, tanks, shorts and pants that are comfortable and informed by good strong design. Some of the shirts have illustrations of gay couples while others feature very clever typography. I’m sure the conservative religious anti-gay crowd would be aghast at cool prints of gay men kissing or typography announcing your out and proud fag status.

I still don’t know where I stand on the reclamation of the word fag but I’d be pretty ok with wearing one of these shirts. The name of the brand is inspired by a British Committee from the 1950’s that was charged with examining whether sex acts between men should remain illegal. To protect the innocent ears of the women on the committee from the apparently vulgar term “homosexual” they used the term “Huntley” instead. James and Markian have taken the puritanical origin of the Huntley and turned it right on its head!