Over the past couple of months I’ve found myself chatting to a couple of different guys who live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve often written about the apparent lack of prudishness over in Europe compared to here, the U.S. and Britain but it really is true. The photo above was sent to me by one of the guys. It was taken by a friend of his while he was walking around near the harbour in Copenhagen. Apparently in Denmark it’s perfectly legal to be nude on any beach or in and around the harbour. How amazing would it be to be able to just strip off and enjoy an impromptu swim on a warm day if the mood strikes?

Both guys have told me about the relaxed nature of the locker rooms at the gyms over there. Here people nearly break their necks getting their clothes on and off under a towel so that no one sees their “private parts”. Over there showers in locker rooms are all pretty much communal open showers. It’s even a rule at public pools to shower with soap before you swim and swimming costumes are not allowed in the showers, ensuring everyone showers properly. One of the guys I’ve been chatting to says that especially at one of the gyms he goes to, the locker room is almost like a social event. Between steam rooms, showers and saunas he said it’s not unusual to spend an hour relaxing nude with friends after a workout before you get dressed and it’s all completely non-sexual. Any sexual behaviour in that environment is not tolerated at all. Sounds like a much healthier way to live to me.

One of the guys also tells me that the average penis size in Denmark is larger, at around 8″. I’m not sure if I believe that but maybe it’s about time for a trip to conduct an independent verification.