This video has popped up on my facebook feed this evening but unfortunately it has no information about the project or why it happened to go with it. Twenty strangers were paired up and asked to kiss. They do so with gusto. I don’t know if it’s just the editing but the gay male couple are the most timid and nervous about their kiss after a sweet compliment about each other’s eyes.

For me, kissing is crucial. Sometimes you get the kissing chemistry right and everything else follows. Other times the kissing is good but it doesn’t have the magic, the tenderness, the fire or the tingles that it should. There was a guy I was seeing for a week or two and one afternoon we just lay on the lounge kissing for hours. Bliss. I’d be interested to see a follow up to this video where they talk to the participants and see what they thought or felt while it was happening because a couple of them look like they had plenty of chemistry. It was sweet to see a couple of them stop kissing but still hold hands. I miss that.