Just to set the scene, this post is meant to be taken in the context that we are mostly gay men. As a man that loves physical contact of skin on skin and even just a really good hug, a massage is a pretty blissful experience for me. Generally we are nude for a massage and even with the draping of a towel or a sheet that most masseurs use you are pretty much nude and on display. So why do masseurs leave the room when you are getting undressed? They all seem to say they’ll leave the room for a moment and please undress and lie down on the table, then they come in and drape you.

As my friend pointed out when we were having the discussion, not everyone is as comfortable nude as we are. A lot of people might appreciate the sensitivity. That’s true but they are about to lather you in oil and see nearly every inch of you anyway while they massage you so it seems a little bit odd that they would leave the room while you undress. My friend that I was discussing this with has his own solution to the situation. He just starts undressing while they are discussing the massage and also lets them know that he doesn’t really care to be draped if it’s ok with them.

Considering my nudist tendencies it’s no surprise that I quite like the masseur to be nude too for the energy it creates between the masseur and the client. I don’t necessarily want a happy ending massage but there is an undeniable sensual energy created when both people are nude and sometimes it’s even better not to do anything with that energy, just have a regular massage that’s unhurried, relaxing and sensual. A nudie online buddy in Denmark had a massage from a nude masseur who also did a sexual prostate massage with release and the masseur was nude when my friend arrived. No beating about the bush there!