Tonight I’m mining the clouds on two separate fronts. Tonight was the final class in this term of aerial silks and we had to show a routine that we were working on. To say I was under prepared was a complete understatement. I hadn’t actually run the routine through from start to finish at all, let alone to the music. I wasn’t feeling strong and I struggled to get through the routine and I’m certain it didn’t look pretty but the silver lining is now I know where I need to put something else in the routine to fill it and I know there is the bones of a good routine there, even if it was pretty shabby tonight.

The other situation that I’m mining clouds about is a photography one. A while back I did a shoot for the current tribal series that I’m working on and I was quite happy with the results. So was the model for the first few weeks. Then I got an email telling me that he had changed his mind and he wasn’t going to sign the release and I wasn’t allowed to use them. Each model has the right to do that so, even without any real explanation I agreed. Frustrating but what can I do? I can find an even more suitable model and do them again, better. So that’s what I’ll do. I have been trying to find a suitable model for the look I’m going for and I have decided to ask someone that I’ve shot before. I haven’t asked yet so I won’t say who just yet but I think he’ll look fantastic. Now I get the opportunity to work on the lighting and poses and make it all even better than last time.