If there is any man that epitomises the idea that trends come right back around, it’s Rick Wolfmier. Rick was one of the COLT Studios superstars in the 80’s when the slim toned bodies of the 70’s porn stars had made way for the beefcake muscle culture that became the ideal. Rick would not look at all out of place working with several of today’s porn studios nor in just about any gay bar in Sydney where every second gay man has a beard at the moment. I can’t imagine the hours in the gym that body took to perfect but I suspect there is a fair amount of genetic luck in there too.

The 1980’s porn era was where we saw COLT pretty much establish this aesthetic as what we should all aspire to, alongside Tom Of Finland. Both of them depicted hyper masculine men with spectacular bodies getting it on in ways that we fantasized about them doing when we saw them training at the YMCA back in those days. I first noticed Rick only in the last year or so when I stumbled across this video online. One of what I can work out is a few he did with Mike Betts in Hawaii. Can you imagine two gorgeous studs like this not only being really sexy with each other on the beach but also holding hands and genuinely affectionate. That is the kind of porn I love.