Something has been bugging me of late when I’ve been trawling through my feed on tumblr. Tumblr is mostly porn for a lot of us and there is some seriously sexy stuff on there. I follow a variety of tumblr blogs to satisfy whatever porn mood I might be in to have a wank on any given day, from vanilla stuff, muscle head stuff, a bit of kink whatever. One thing that really doesn’t do it for me is derogatory sex. My flatmate and I are both on the same page about this. We had a discussion the other night about it and it baffles both of us.

Now I know some people are into role play dom/sub stuff and that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m worried about is the stuff where someone feels the need to completely debase their sexual partner. “Faggot needs to earn daddy’s cock”, “Faggot doesn’t have an arse he has a pussy to be used when I tell him he’s earned it.” and things like that. What kind of ego problems or insecurities does someone have that they need to make someone feel worthless to have sex with them? That says way more about the one doing the degrading than the one being degraded.

Maybe it’s my own insecurities coming into play but I prefer my sex to be an equal footing kind of arrangement where both parties are getting their needs and desires met, not for one to do exactly what they want with little regard to what the other person wants or needs.