This is yet another example of how different European attitudes to nudity are compared to places like Australia and the U.S. This is a music video for “Fiks” by Ensh. Now maybe this video didn’t actually get played in Europe but it was made and there was one willing model who was prepared to dance nude in a music video in a very non-sexual way. Most nudity that we see here in Australia or America is sexualised or is a joke or dare situation for a laugh. This is a guy dancing who happens to be nude.

After watching the video it’s very clear that the model/dancer Milan Panet-Gigon certainly knows how to move his body and moving it the way he does goes a long way to keeping it in the shape it’s in. He’s a hot tight-bodied guy with apparently boundless energy. Very cool to watch.

Ensh – Fiks (Official Video) from Milenko Vujosevic on Vimeo.