Mikel Marton is a photographer and artist that has featured on this blog several times over the years. His aesthetic is edgy, ethereal, blatantly sexual but also based in mythology and ancient themes. Some of his models are stunning, some are more alternative types. This is Vlad who he has photographed before (I didn’t know the model’s name then). Vlad is a circus performer and acrobat who lives in Canada and has a stunning physique. I’ve put these photos together using the borders that Mikel had on them as that was how he intended them to be viewed.

I don’t know if there is something of an exhibitionist nature about physical performers but Vlad clearly isn’t particularly shy, nor does he have any need to be. A lot of the people at my circus school are also fairly comfortable with their bodies and showing at least some of them off. One friend of mine who I train with is quite shy in person and apparently he and his boyfriend both close the door to the bathroom when showering etc but he does a full strip burlesque aerial silks routine. He is completely nude up in the air but manages the fabric so as not to show his genitals. It’s quite a talent.