Tonight at circus class I caused myself some pretty significant discomfort. Temporary pain even. I’m not injured but my dignity and more specifically my testicles suffered a bit of trauma tonight. I was doing a trick I’ve done several times and quite enjoy but I was just a little bit off tonight and while gripping the silks in both hands, upside down in a straddle, all my weight landed on my hands at my groin. Not fun. The silver lining? Well I’m a fan of slapstick comedy and people falling over etc so once everyone realised I wasn’t actually injured, everyone got a pretty good giggle out of it. I don’t think we ever grow out of smack-in-the-balls humour.

In honour of another circus related Mining the Clouds Monday, the video below is another from the fantastic Mark “Captain” Winmill. This time he’s doing a routine I saw in the great show “Briefs” on the cloudswing which I would LOVE to learn.