That’s it! These are the last of the Movement photography challenge photos. The deadline for entries passed yesterday and these are the last three that came in. As usual there was a wide array of entries. This kind of challenge always impresses me with how differently we all see the world. It’s a good thing to keep in mind some times when you are struggling with dealing with someone.

Tim sent in this photo of a black tie party in Houston Texas. Everyone dressed up and dancing on the dance floor lit by the coloured lights look pretty cool!

Ojo, another long time reader and commenter on the blog has sent in this photo which I really love. It’s a simple shot but there’s a story in there. Art and photography mean different things to different people and shots like this make me build a story in my mind. Where is the girl going? Is she ok? Where is she?

Rainy days may force you to be stuck inside but sometimes you get a great shot out of them too. Mark has sent in this photo of rain splashes. Nice!