Two days ago I was sent a message by a friend who has neighbours in the entertainment industry. A couple of DJ’s. He was letting me know that he had it on good authority (the neighbours) that Kylie was doing a surprise show in Sydney last night. I was sceptical as I didn’t know she was in town. Then yesterday morning Ms Minogue instagrammed a photo saying “Morning Sydney”. So it was all systems go. I rallied some friends and we got to the venue at 6pm. The word had leaked by yesterday afternoon and was all ramped up when Kylie herself tweeted about where to go that evening, followed by a response from the venue I’d been told.

The doors opened at 8pm to the upstairs venue. We were standing in line at the door at 6.30. At the front of the line no less. At 8pm the doors opened and we raced upstairs and got the very front at the edge of the stage. Now it was time for more waiting. A cool set by DJ Sveta kept us dancing and the mood light. A bit after 9 the Presets took over the decks. Whoever decided they should have a spin was wrong. So very wrong. 300+ gay men and a few friends waiting for a pop Princess do not want to hear the kind of music that you need to be completely drug fucked at 4am to appreciate. Repetitive and boring beats with no vocals… no.

At ten-thirty they left the decks, the lights went down and a remix of Slow started. On stage walks… a drag performance artist wandering around to a routine that didn’t seem rehearsed, not even miming. Interesting choice. Thankfully there was a certain pop diva chiming in from back stage with a microphone. When that song ended, out she came. Looking amazing in a red patent leather dress that showed her killer body and Into the Blue rang out over the deafening crowd, all screaming. Sadly, one song was it. Kylie gave a very lovely thanks to her gay fans for supporting her through the ups and downs and she was gone. Four hours of standing and waiting for one song. Not enough but a full day of Kylie would never be enough. I liken it to a catholic seeing the Pope. It was a lot of anticipation. It was fleeting. It was amazing.